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Table Styling

Table styling examples available in Prestige WordPress theme.

DC TableWorld Official Gold Holding TOP 10 (December 2009)

Rank Country / Organization Gold (tonnes) Gold's share of national forex reserves (%)
1 United States 8,133.5 68.7%
2 Germany 3,407.6 64.6%
3 International Monetary Fund 3,005.3 -
4 Italy 2,451.8 63.4%
5 France 2,435.4 64.2%
6 China 1,054.0 1.5%
7 Switzerland 1,040.1 28.8%
8 Japan 765.2 2.4%
9 Netherlands 612.5 51.7%
10 Russian Federation 607.7 4.7%


<table class="dc-table" style="width:100%;" border="0"> 

           <th>Country / Organization</th>
           <th>Gold (tonnes)</th>
           <th>Gold's share <br />of national forex reserves (%)</th>

            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/us.png"]" /> <a href="#">United States</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/de.png"]" /> <a href="#">Germany</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><a href="#">International Monetary Fund</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/it.png"]" /> <a href="#">Italy</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/fr.png"]" /> <a href="#">France</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/cn.png"]" /> <a href="#">China</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/ch.png"]" /> 
               <a class="name" href="#">Switzerland</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/jp.png"]" /> <a href="#">Japan</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/nl.png"]" /> <a href="#">Netherlands</a></td> 
            <td class="left"><img src="[dcs_src s="flags/ru.png"]" /> <a href="#">Russian Federation</a></td> 


DC Press TableSome Event Description

Name of Event DC Prestige WordPress Theme Release
Organizer Digital Cavalry Team
Dates 4 Oct. 2010 - 16 Oct. 201012 Days
Press Days 4 Oct. - 6 Oct. 2 days
Showcase of use cases 6 Oct. - 16 Oct. 10 days
Chairman DC (Chairman of Association, Inc.)


<table class="dc-press-table" style="width:100%"> 
  <th style="width:120px;">Name of Event</th> 
  <td colspan="3">DC Prestige WordPress Theme Release</td>  
  <th style="width:120px;">Organizer</th> 
  <td colspan="3">Digital Cavalry Team</td>  

  <th style="width:120px;" rowspan="3">Dates</th> 
  <td colspan="2">4 Oct. 2010 - 16 Oct. 2010</td><td>12 Days</td>  

  <td>Press Days</td>
  <td>4 Oct. - 6 Oct.</td>
  <td>2 days</td>

  <td>Showcase of use cases</td>
  <td>6 Oct. - 16 Oct.</td> 
  <td>10 days</td>

  <th style="width:120px;">Chairman</th> 
  <td colspan="3">DC (Chairman of Association, Inc.)</td>  

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