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Quick Start: Basic tips and instructionsHow to start to build your site after installing Prestige theme

In PDF User Guide file you will find instruction how to install the theme. Below we added a few tips that might be helpful when you begin to work with Prestige theme. This section will help you to quickly start work on your site without problems. If you will find more about some part of this description, take a look into the PDF User Guide.
Plugins/widgets (installation and activation)
  1. If you want to use Prestige plugins/widgets it is important to first copy/move all files from "plugins" folder (located in Prestige theme folder) into "plugins" folder (located in wp-content). After this you can go to Plugins section in WP backend and activate Prestige plugins.

  2. If there is a custom Prestige widget of the same type as the original WordPress widget, then you should use custom Prestige widget. For example instead of Categories use dcwp_Categories.

Page content
  1. Pages section in WordPress allows to create new pages and here you can also add/edit content for these pages. When you start to edit a page in Prestige we recommend to switch for HTML editor - this allows you to use shortcodes without problems.

  2. In HTML editor you can use special buttons that we added to the top editor options bar. Like for example headings tags or paragraph buttons - the p button and dcs_p button allows you to easily close text in paragraphs with just one click (just select paragraph and click on p button). And if you would like to bring auto-formatting for text content go to FAQs to find a simple solution for this.

Homepage settings
  1. When you start to build your homepage, remember that after you will create a page with "Homepage" page template you must select this page as "A Static Page" option in Settings > Reading.

Settings > Reading section in WordPress backend
  1. In Prestige > General section you can select a homepage slider, main colors and font. Homepage Sliders options are located in special sections, like for example Prestige > Accordion Slider, or Prestige > Progress Slider

  2. Homepage slogan can be edited in Prestige > Home section - here you can also hide homepage slogan or slogan author description with one click.

Homepage extra content options
  1. In Prestige > Home section you will find also two textareas for extra content: "Homepage slider extra content" and "Homepage extra content". Both content fields allow you to insert a full width content (you can also divide this content into columns using Columns Shortcodes).

    The first one (Homepage slider extra content) puts content above the homepage slogan - it is very useful especially if you would like to replace the homepage slider with some single video or shortcode (you can hide homepage slider in Prestige > General section with one click and then insert some shortcode in this textarea).

    The second one (Homepage extra content) inserts the content between the slogan and above the page content - it is useful when you want to have a full width content construction between slider and the main content of homepage. In our Live Preview this field was used to insert a 4 columns shortcode on homepage.

    The content from these extra content fields will be displayed only if "Show..." option is selected (it is located below each field).

  2. The extra content boxes (in Prestige > Home section) are special options that allow you to easy customize the layout of the homepage. If you will look on our homepage from this Live Preview there is also a part with Sidebar and Latest News column. This is not created in Prestige > Home section - this part is created in Pages section.

Homepage sidebar and homepage content
  1. By default, in Prestige > Home section, option "Display homepage sidebar" is selected - for page with "homepage" template a sidebar is used.

  2. If your homepage uses sidebar, you can select sidebar for your homepage in Custom Page Settings - option named as "Page Sidebar" - to use this option you must first create at least one sidebar in Prestige > General section. You can build your sidebars from widgets in Appearance > Widgets section.

  3. If you want to insert some content for your page, you must go to Pages section and edit your page that uses "homepage" template. If you want to use shortcodes you must first switch to HTML editor. In our Live Preview homepage, for this column we are using a heading shortcode (to create the title for Latest News section) and recent news shortcode (to display latest posts from News section). But you can make any other construction that will work the best for your site, with sidebar or without it.

  4. In Prestige > Home you can hide homepage sidebar with one click - if you will turn off option named as "Display homepage sidebar" in Prestige > Home, it will change the homepage template to full width.

Customizing homepage layout
  1. Homepage can be customized in many ways, it can be a construction with slider or without it, a simple page with only a slider, or maybe a layout with a slider and some text information in columns, it can be also a full packed homepage with many informations and various layout constructions like for example mixed full width content with classic sidebar layout. With the Prestige shortcodes and options like homepage extra content it is simple and easy. Some complex homepage layouts might need you to look on the shortcodes description, make a small plan for this and choose the best way to produce your idea, but everything is documented here Live and also in PDF User Guide, so this shouldn't be hard even for WP beginners. Thanks to this, with Prestige theme you can create your unique layout with great functionality.

  2. Here are just a few simple examples how you can easily construct your homepage with Prestige in various ways:

Prestige homepage layout example 1
Prestige homepage layout example 2
Prestige homepage layout example 3
Prestige homepage layout example 4
Prestige homepage layout example 5
Building the Footer
  1. In Prestige theme you can build footer from 4 elements: Footer links, Widgetized Footer, Bottom Copyright text line, and bottom logo. You decide which element to display on your site - in Prestige > General options you can choose to display all four elements, or you can select only one or two (for example only the bottom copyright text with a small logo). All with just a few clicks in CMS WP backend.

  2. To edit Footer links section you must go to Appearance > Editor section and select footer.php file. Now you can edit the links manually, or even change the construction in the code to your needs.

  3. Widgetized footer can be created from 3 sidebars with widgets. Fist you must create 3 sidebars in Prestige > general section and the put some widgets for these sidebars in Appearance > Widgets. After this you can select these sidebars for your Widgetized Footer in Prestige > General section.

  4. Bottom copyright text line and footer logo you can edit also at the bottom of Prestige > General section.

Creating and using sidebars
  1. If you want to create a sidebar first go to Prestige > General > Sidebars section and use "Add New Sidebar" button. New sidebar will be visible on "Sidebars list" right below.

  2. You can choose sidebar for page in Custom Page Settings. It is also possible to select sidebar for single posts from Posts and Projects section - in Custom Post Settings.

    In Prestige > General > Sidebars section it is possible to select a Default Sidebar. This default sidebar will be displayed on all pages without individual sidebar selected in Custom Page Settings (applies only for pages with sidebar layout).

  3. In Prestige > General > Blog/News/Projects settings section you can select a sidebar that will be displayed on all Blog/News/Projects posts. Blog posts and Project posts can have also individual sidebars selected for each post in Custom Post Settings - if individual sidebar is selected for these posts, option from General section is not used.

  4. In Prestige > General > Sidebars section it is possible to change the side for sidebar on all pages. By default sidebar is on the left side, you can change the position to the right side. This option doesn't applies for special "Sidebar Page Left" and "Sidebar Page Right" page templates - pages with this template will always have sidebar on the left/right side.

  5. To place widgets on sidebars go to Appearance > Widgets section. You can insert as many widgets as you want on each sidebar.